Hey we are finally online again and ready to go!

swappsre@gmail.com / March 15, 2017

Welcome to Bluegrass New Mexico style! As the president of the Eastern New Mexico Bluegrass and Old TYme Music Association, I want to say thank you to all who have supported us in the past and those who have continued to support us. We have a great season planned so please subscribe and stay in touch with our calendar. I so appreciate all of the officers who put in the time and effort to keep things running and the past officers who are so willing to mentor us and keep things a float.

The music is as varied as the instruments played and people that play them. We have some of the most traditional sounds in bluegrass along with some with a hint of country and on to a Hispanic mantra, or should I say flavor! On certain occasions you might even hear something like “Johnny Be Good” or “Splish Splash I was Taken a Bath!”  There is usually something for all ages and sizes.

This is something special that people used to do! Gather as family and friends and enjoy each others talents, wether it is cooking a dish for the occasional pot luck or setting the mandolin on fire with some fast picking, all talents are welcome. If you think you have no talent what so ever then come and enjoy the others and you may just discover a hidden talent. Most of our members have the incredible talent of making new combers feel welcome!

You should invite a neighbor, a friend, or a future friend on the fourth Saturday of the month, unless otherwise posted, and enjoy the evening for the price of a smile and a hand shake.

If you have any new ideas or news for the web site please contact us and we will try to do it justice.


Andy Swapp

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